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Subprime Auto Loans – San Diego, CA

If you are about to take out a subprime auto loan in San Diego, you should think long and hard about that decision. Yahoo Finance has published an excellent new article about the dangers of subprime auto loans, be they in San Diego or anywhere else in the country.

When taking out a subprime auto loan in San Diego, you could be committing yourself to a costly loan that will take much longer than usual to pay back, preventing you from purchasing another car for many years. Some San Diego subprime auto loans now stretch for 7 or even 8 years—double the typical term of an auto loan 20 years ago. And San Diego subprime borrowers have both the longest loans and the highest interest rates. Read the rest of this entry »

Fake Tiffany Jewelry in San Diego, CA

In our first article on how to identify fake luxury gift assets, we dealt with how to spot fake luxury watches in San Diego. In today’s second article, we will discuss how to identify fake Tiffany jewelry in San Diego County.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Tiffany & Co. jewelry should feel truly flattered—their jewelry is some of the most counterfeited in the industry and many such items can be found circulating around Southern California. Cheap jewelry stamped with “T & Co.” regularly appears at San Diego estate auctions, antique dealers, and many internet jewelry sites. In fact, the practice is so prevalent that there is even a website devoted exclusively to exposing sellers of Tiffany fakes. Read the rest of this entry »

Fake Luxury Watches in San Diego

Many high-net worth individuals in California purchase luxury watches and estate jewelry as investments (as well as enduring fashion statements). However, this does not come without risk. There are many fake Swiss watches and designer jewelry on the market.

So, to help ensure your investment, the San Diego Person Loans Journal will be publishing a series of articles on fake luxury gift assets. We will begin now with an overview on how to spot fake luxury watches in San Diego, CA. Read the rest of this entry »