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News, advice and tips on San Diego small business loans and temporary business financing.

Online San Diego Small Business Loans

Over at NerdWallet there is a new article which provides a good overview of companies which provide online small business loans, all of which are accessible to many San Diego entrepreneurs and small business people. Here is a short recap of the companies that are… Continue reading

Crowdsourcing San Diego Business Loans

Even though SBA loans are on the increase, many San Diego entrepreneurs remain ineligible for bank loans and government-guaranteed programs. According to one survey, 50% of small businesses didn’t receive any financing they applied for last year. If you are having difficulty obtaining a San… Continue reading

How to Get a San Diego Small Business Loan with Poor or Bad Credit

Getting a San Diego small business loan is never a simple proposition, especially since the dramatic economic downturn of 2009-2010. And while the small business lending situation has improved some since that time, challenges remain, especially for companies with less than perfect credit scores in… Continue reading