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Fake Tiffany Jewelry in San Diego, CA

In our first article on how to identify fake luxury gift assets, we dealt with how to spot fake luxury watches in San Diego. In today’s second article, we will discuss how to identify fake Tiffany jewelry in San Diego County. If imitation is the… Continue reading

Fake Luxury Watches in San Diego

Many high-net worth individuals in California purchase luxury watches and estate jewelry as investments (as well as enduring fashion statements). However, this does not come without risk. There are many fake Swiss watches and designer jewelry on the market. So, to help ensure your investment,… Continue reading

Carl Blackburn on Investment Diamonds

Carl Blackburn, owner of Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers, has written a new article for local news outlet La Jolla Light. The article is titled “Diamonds: Emotional & Financial Gain” and includes Blackburn’s professional insight into the subject of purchasing investment diamonds–based on his 25+ years… Continue reading