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How to Finance a New Roof in San Diego

Whenever it rains in San Diego, do you get a big, wet reminder of the repair you’ve been putting off–that bucket in the laundry room just keeps filling up. You have been putting off this major home repair for too long now, and you’re well… Continue reading

Personal Financing – How to Buy a Car with Cash in San Diego, CA

When it comes to buying a new car in San Diego, there are basically three financing options. You can lease, finance, or pay cash for your new ride. Most people in San Diego County finance their cars and about 20 percent lease. Very few San… Continue reading

How to Finance Education for Returning Students in San Diego, CA

You’ve decided you need to further your education in San Diego to stay competitive in your field of employment, or perhaps you are looking to change careers entirely. Maybe you simply want to immerse yourself in a field of study that you find interesting in… Continue reading