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Pawning Jewelry or Swiss Watches? How to Choose a San Diego Pawn Shop

Are you thinking about pawning jewelry or large carat diamond with a San Diego pawn shop? Pawning estate jewelry and Swiss watches is one of the common methods that people use to obtain a collateral loan in San Diego, CA. Traditional banks in San Diego… Continue reading

San Diego Personal Holiday Loans

Over the past year more and more people have been taking out San Diego personal loans, either to consolidate debt or cover a short term cash crunch. Some San Diegans have been turning to the Prosper platform, which has provided over a billion dollars in… Continue reading

Unsecured Loans in San Diego?

Are you thinking about an unsecured loan in San Diego? If so, you might like to check out a new article at The Wall Street Journal: “Unsecured Loans Are Attractive for People With Good Credit“. In this news article, the WSJ talks about how unsecured… Continue reading