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Are San Diego Payday Loans a Good Idea?

Are San Diego payday loans a good idea? Many people in San Diego resort to payday loans when they are in cash crunch, but is a payday loan the best way to handle your personal financing needs in San Diego? Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers (DEJB) in La Jolla says the answer to that question often is “no”.

DEJB offers collateral loan alternatives to San Diegans thinking about a payday loan. “San Diego payday loans can be a good option for those people who immediately pay them back in a week or two,” says Carl Blackburn, owner of Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers. “But if you default on a pay day loan, your good credit rating could be ruined by a bad loan report to credit bureaus.” Read the rest of this entry »

Are Diamonds a Good Investment?

Are diamonds a good investment? Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers, puts it in this perspective. While a brand new luxury car is the kind of asset which drops in value every year, investment grade diamonds are forever and deserve a solid place in your investment portfolio.

“When you buy a brand new luxury automobile, every mile you put on that car will cost you, but an investment grade diamond that costs you $100,00 keeps going up in value and it’s worth more every year,” says Carl Blackburn, owner and head diamond buyer of Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers. Read the rest of this entry »