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New Alternative to a San Diego Payday Loan

Here at the San Diego Personal Loans magazine, we have dealt previously with the topic of San Diego payday loan alternatives. But we have just read about a potential new cash advance option over at the Bankless Times website. The new alternative highlighted by Bankless Times is the company known as FlexWage, which is offering a payday loan alternative that is employer based.

FlexWage has designed a payroll card system which allows employees to quickly access the share of wages they have earned at any point in the payroll cycle. This means that you are not actually obtaining a loan or even an advance, but simply accessing your wages in a quicker and more efficient manner. No more having to wait every two weeks or month to receive your salary. Think of it as a daily pay day when you need it. Read the rest of this entry »

Crowdsourcing San Diego Business Loans

Even though SBA loans are on the increase, many San Diego entrepreneurs remain ineligible for bank loans and government-guaranteed programs. According to one survey, 50% of small businesses didn’t receive any financing they applied for last year. If you are having difficulty obtaining a San Diego business loan, you may want to consider your crowdsourcing options for financing your San Diego business venture.

With Crowdsourcing platforms like and, you solicit contributions from online communities, providing you with more financial independence than a traditional San Diego bank loan. In return for financial help, you are expected provide rewards to lenders, which might include copies of the company’s product, merchandise and mementos.

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The Best San Diego Business Loan?

At, there is a good article which can help people looking for the best San Diego business loan to match their needs. The first thing they recommend is just to relax. Even if those options may seem confusing, there likely will be a solution that works for you.

To get started, take some time to ask yourself: “What’s my best option for a San Diego business loan?” One problem is that San Diego business owners tend to go with what they know, and often that means going for a traditional loan from a brand-name San Diego bank. But that can be a demoralizing experience. As a 2014 Harvard University analysis notes: “The banking industry in the aggregate appears increasingly less focused on small business lending. The share of [San Diego] small business loans of total bank loans was about 50 percent in 1995, but only about 30 percent in 2012.” Read the rest of this entry »