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San Diego Pawn Shop Alternatives?

Looking for an upscale alternative to San Diego pawn shops? Then pay a visit to Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers. The luxury estate buyer in La Jolla offers immediate cash loans upwards to $100,000 secured with your diamond jewelry, high-grade watch, or other precious gift asset. As with a San Diego pawn shop loan, DEJB’s secured loans involve no credit checks. They also don’t report to credit rating agencies if you choose not to pay back your cash loan.

The difference between Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers and a typical San Diego pawn shop is that the company offers its clients higher loan disbursements, greater privacy, and superior expertise in antique estate jewelry, luxury timepieces, and large carat diamonds.

“Traditional San Diego pawn shops are an important part of the local business community,” says Carl Blackburn, owner of Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers. “However, they often don’t have the estate jewelry knowledge or financial resources to serve business professionals seeking large cash loans. At DEJB, we are able provide five and six figure cash loans on the spot.”

Blackburn says that location is an important consideration among clients seeking large collateral loans to cover a short-term cash crunch. He explains that many San Diego pawn shops are located near high-trafficked shopping areas on busy city streets. However, his company’s loan offices are located in La Jolla’s modest banking and financial district, an area that is both more discreet and highly secure.

Online pawn shops have attempted to capitalize on demands for greater loan confidentiality in recent years. But many people still view neighborhood pawn shops as loan providers of last resort. Therefore, they are uneasy about entering a San Diego pawn shop, or being seen entering one.

Carl Blackburn says that his loan clients prefer dealing with a local loan provider when obtaining a cash loan with their diamond jewelry or valuable timepiece. “If we were not here to serve our clients, they might try contacting an online pawn shop or driving to a high-end pawn shop in Los Angeles. But that isn’t necessary when they can visit us instead.”

According to Blackburn, the most common items his clients use to obtain a collateral loan are high-grade timepieces from Rolex and Patek Philippe and large carat diamond rings from luxury makers such as Harry Winston and Tiffany & Co. Loan periods can be renewed for longer than 120 days, but Blackburn says that most people pay back their secured loans in under four months.

“Many of our clients are real estate agents and small business people seeking bridge loans,” says Blackburn. “They don’t come to us because they are suffering financially, but because banks have made it difficult for them to access the credit they need to manage operations and launch new ventures. But at DEJB, we make it easy for them to get the cash they need without delay.”

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